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Sheena V Foundation is committed to
restoring a self-sustaining environment through health & wellness- financial literacy.
Preserving the most valuable asset to any Native American Tribe/Nation- The Children.

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Cutting edge agricultural technology
creates new possibilities for fresh,
local food in Native communities


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Artist Sharon McConnell exemplifies our
commitment to supporting talented, culturally
relevant art and artists

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It takes a village. Join us in working for
a brighter future for Native American youth.

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The Numbers

Why are we working to improve Native
American children’s health & wellness?

It is projected that Native Americans- nationwide- 1 out of
every 2 children will develop diabetes.
Native Americans have…

American Indian (AI) and Alaska Native (AN) children have approximately twice the levels of food insecurity, obesity, and Type II diabetes

Approximately 24 percent of American Indians in the United States live below the poverty line

Current estimates suggest that overweight and obesity affects one-third to one-half of AI/AN children

Many reservations have significant food deserts, which are defined as low-income communities without ready access to healthy and affordable food

There are over 650 tribes in North America






New Solutions for Health

Resilience is the capacity to restore or recover to a sustainable state; historically a shining trait among Native Americans.

We aim to create solutions to restore a sustainable environment that will support future generations. Our focus is to educate Native youth on culturally appropriate long-term solutions to combat a quickly depleting environment. Aquaponic and hydroponic cultivation methods are some of the solutions we support that are geared toward resilience, food sovereignty, circumventing health disorders and building self-sufficient Native communities.

Thanks to our partners Symbiotic Aquaponic LLC, of Talihina, OK to make Aquaponics more accessible in Indian Country.
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“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” – Mother Theresa