Trail of Tears Remembrance Event – November 1-8th, 2015

This marks the first public announcement of our efforts to launch an annual event commemorating the historic Trail of Tears Indian relocation program of the 1830’s. The Trail of Tears was a phrase coined to describe various pathways along a multi-state route... read more

We are the Evidence

Our journey consists of many changes and transitions from an interdependent nomadic way of life to first contact to conquest to removal and relocation to reservations, treaty-making to land loss and reorganization to a resurgence of self-government through sovereignty... read more

Forced Journey

Our history is one of loss, pain and separation. Loss of land, culture and lives; pain through broken promises, deceit and scars; separation from our homeland. The forced journey started at the beginning of the 1830s removing Native Americans from millions of acres of... read more

The Walk of Remembrance

Our walk and journey was inspired by Sheena, a 16-year-old girl full of passion and life. Her life changed in the blink of an eye when she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that took her life 6 months later. She fought a courageous battle, teaching us all some... read more

‘O Pioneer, O Pioneer!’ Where did all the bounty go?

Prior to 1830, tribal nations occupied large areas of what is now the United States. Their homelands were bountiful and worthy of admiration, and became the muse of poets like Walt Whitman, who described in poem O Pioneer, O Pioneer!; “peaks gigantic”, “mountains... read more