Board Members

Neysa OsborneFounder/President – CEO

Currently living in Dallas, Texas, I have always been involved in my nieces and nephews lives, and passionate about children in general. Sheena’s journey was the catalyst that inspired me to focus my life on helping kids in need. I am originally from Southwestern part of Virginia & Eastern Tennessee on the edge of North Carolina and Kentucky, where I was first introduced to the Native culture at a very early age frequenting Cherokee, NC, Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, TN. In addition, throughout numerous visits to the western part of the U.S. has enabled me be to experience firsthand the current living conditions & struggles of our Native Americans. I have always been very passionate about our Native Americans and it is my goal to make a difference in the lives of the future for our Native Americans, the children. I hope you will join this endeavor to restore a nation of hope and independence.

Don’t allow others to discourage you from your goals, passions and dreams.
Doubt can defeat success, while faith will claim victory!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also DREAM….not only plan, but also BELIEVE.” – Anatole France

“Out of the Indian approach to existence there came a great freedom, an intense and absorbing love for nature…
…enriching faith in a Supreme Power; and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a single guide to mundane relations.”

-Luther Standing Bear, ca 1886-1939

Bill MarleyBoard Member

Bill Marley has been head of the department for the wealth management team at SharePlus Bank in Dallas, Texas since 2007. He has been in the Financial Services business for 18 years. Prior to that he served in accounting management positions for various companies for the first 20 years of his career. Bill currently serves as Treasurer and Board Member for The Family Place Foundation, and Chairs the Texas JumpStart Coalition for Financial Literacy. In addition, Bill serves on the Finance Committee for The Family Place Inc. and Chairs the Finance Committee for the Stonebridge Homeowners Association in McKinney, TX.

Deanna NelsonBoard Member

Like a sister to Neysa, the founder of the Sheena V. Foundation, Deanna has experience with cancer and is a natural caretaker. From Arizona originally, Deanna lives in Hawaii and continues to help others during difficult times. She is passionate about helping children. Her goal is to inspire young people to live in the present moment joyfully, and to provide them with hope so that they can follow their dreams. Through love, peace and understanding, they can conquer life’s obstacles.

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