What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is an innovative agricultural system that harnesses recirculating water technology to raise both fish and produce. The fish and produce are part of symbiotic relationship, with the fish providing fertilizer necessary for plant growth, and the plants cleansing the fish habitat

What is Aquaponics?


To provide this new technology to the Native American community, The Sheena V Foundation is partnering with Symbiotic Aquaponics, a national, award-winning company that specializes in custom aquaponic system designs, commercial builds, and community education and outreach. Why is it a solution for fresh food on reservations? Aquaponics addresses the challenges of growing produce in harsh climates, and with limited water resources, that many reservations face. Aquaponics also has a faster turn around time than conventional agriculture, and a higher nutritional value than the produce you will find in most grocery aisles. How can I learn more? If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of working with Sheena V. Foundation on an aquaponics project in your community, please reach out to us using our contact form.

Why are we working to improve
Native American children’s health & wellness?

Native Americans have…





Symbiotic Aquaponic


Symbiotic Aquaponic is a national, award-winning company that specializes in custom Aquaponic system designs, commercial builds, and community education and outreach.
“We have a partnership with the Kiowa Public School FFA. We build a custom Aquaponic system at the school utilizing an existing greenhouse structure. The schools horticulture class and the FFA use the system as an interactive learning tool. The Aquaponics system also helps supplements the school’s cafeteria with fresh herbs and other produce.”
“Recently the students have begun marketing the herbs to local health food stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. The proceeds from the sales are divided between our business and the Kiowa FFA. Recently, students from the school were recognized on a state level by the Oklahoma FFA for their work with the Aquaponic project. This resulted in one student receiving a scholarship to a local school for her efforts.”
Since the project began at Kiowa, we have seen also increased community awareness about local food and local food production. This awareness was not limited to the school children. Soon parents followed suit. I believe they saw their children were showing a genuine interests in Aquaponics as well as some of the inherent benefits Aquaponics could provide to the community. As a whole, we see Kiowa as a successful proof of concept that can be replicated in communities who currently experience food insecurity.
“We’re proud to announce that Symbiotic Aquaponic is teaming-up with the Sheena V. Foundation in effort to reach out and support Native American youth.
The Sheena V. Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to building the infrastructure of tribal groups and individuals in an effort to achieve a healthier and happier quality of life. While the organization focuses on Native American youth to restore a self- sustaining environment to circumvent health disorders which are prevalent and increasing numbers of childhood obesity leading to diabetes, childhood cancer- growing higher among Native American youth than any other culture in America, via research for cancer support and financial literacy. All key elements to provide the circle of hope for a self-sustain environment. The Sheena V. Foundation is strongly involved in promoting health and wellness. Providing communities with healthy, nutritious, and affordable foods is a central part of the health and wellness mission of the Sheena V. Foundation. They believe that Aquaponics is a key component to do this, and we couldn’t agree more. We’re happy to be part of their mission and look forward to a fruitful partnership (pardon the pun!).
 We are honored to announce our sponsorship for the first implementation of Aquaponic Systems for the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma with our partners- Symbiotic Aquaponic LLC, of Talihina, OK!

Grow Green for Native American Children

“Grow Up with Us”

Neysa Osborne-Founder

Comments from- Chief Johnson of the Seminole Nation- Oklahoma:

“We are excited about the cooperative projects planned in our “Path to a Healthy Prosperous Future”. I will call a meeting of all the essential programs which I believe will be more than willing to contribute in making this a success, also the diabetes prevention program already has an active youth program which encourages a healthy active life style, one component of this is a running club, also the director wanted to incorporate a gardening aspect into their activities, I believe this can promote what is called generational connectivity or (relationships) to be able to reestablish the youth with their elder generation can only lead to a positive outcome, growing produce to help contribute to these individuals will be rewarding in multiple areas, this will actually promote team building and perhaps teach some skills that can carry into their adult lives, contributing to living longer productive lives, as well as establishing a foundation of wellness which will contribute to future generations. “
“I worked to secure a location for the 10 beds to be located proximity to the Food Nutrition and Distribution Program and Diabetes/Prevention Program, we have a new facility with a weight/exercise room and a full kitchen for healthy food demonstration, so I know all this is just met to be, I believe both programs will be valued contributors in our overall goals of incorporating accessibility to healthy produce and promoting family participation in taking back the health of our tribal members. Along with securing the location a very nice Greenhouse with the heating apparatus included will act as the staging area for the 10 bed system.”

Photographer- Joe Clay

The goal is to ensure local food production while promoting education,
empowerment, natural resource conservation, and self-determination
among Native American Children.

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