Our journey consists of many changes and transitions from an interdependent nomadic way of life to first contact to conquest to removal and relocation to reservations, treaty-making to land loss and reorganization to a resurgence of self-government through sovereignty to termination to self-determination and Native rights advocacy. The Native American voice is often removed from history books, stories, politics, and decision-making. Other voices have told the story of Native Americans using mainstream words, language and culture. Native peoples are speaking louder than ever to teach their stories of devastation with a burst of resilience. In these stories I find hope, knowing Native Nations have overcome shortcomings and pitfalls to build a successful and thriving Nation. The resilience of Native Americans has always been a shining trait in history and presently remains, which will aid them in their survival well into the future.
Resilience is the capacity to restore or recover to a sustainable state. We aim to create solutions to restore a sustainable environment that will support future generations. Our focus is to educate Native youth on culturally appropriate long-term solutions to combat a quickly depleting environment. Aquaponic and hydroponic cultivation methods are some of the solutions we support that are geared toward resilience, food sovereignty, circumventing disorders and building self-sufficient Native communities.
I will continue to tell stories of past struggles, current conditions, and plans for a hopeful future. I will tell stories flooded with emotions ranging from devastation to a glimmer of hope, stories you may not have heard, stories of survivance in an environment of failure, stories of loss and separation; these stories are for your ears take from them what you will and leave the rest.